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One of the lesser understood and totally underutilized features of holography is its ability to turn on and off: "now you see you don't." When a holographic image is illuminated by a suitable light source (it can be a laser, a halogen bulb, sunlight, etc) it diffracts light and the viewer standing within its viewing cone sees a 3-dimensional image. When that same light source is removed, the viewer sees a transparent piece of glass and nothing more.

We have utilized this feature of holography in creating display cases which feature holographic timesharing. By combining a holographic image in front and a real product (or 2-D graphic) behind -- through the use of two oscillating lights (one directed to the holograph and one to the product), we can switch the viewer's attention from front to back -- from virtuality to reality. We call this effect endorsement enforcement, and it opens the window to an exciting new generation of retail display products.

Sequence 1 of Timesharing Display Case
Sequence 1

Sequence 2 of Timesharing Display Case
Sequence 2

Sequence 3 of Timesharing Display Case
Sequence 3

Using this principle allows designers to work in several very different market areas:

Timesharing answers the question,"What can holography do that other imaging techniques can't?" By introducing a multi-colored product along with the single colored holograph -- we leave the viewer with a multi-colored message that cloaks one of the foremost complaints from product manager types regarding the monochromatic nature of our images.

Timesharing Display Case on a Counter
Timesharing Display Case
on a Counter

Our basic timesharing design for P-O-P retail and tradeshow displays features a 16" tall x 12" wide holographic images as the front window to a box
~ 18" x 18" x 18". This unit is ideal for products ranging from jewelry and fashion accessories to cellular phones and athletic footwear. The side panels are plexiglas and can be specified clear or smoked. All the low-voltage lighting is built-in and the user can regulate the on/off timesharing cycle between one and ten seconds. Our timesharing display case is designed for placement on countertops or podiums between 36" and 48" above the floor.

Timesharing can also be very effective with multiple images side by side where the scale of a display comprised of several panels can nicely fill a storefront window or a tradeshow alcove.

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