An Opportunity to save money:
Single Color and 2W White LEDs Sale

While Ron and I have been using and selling OptiLED LED lamps for several years, I am sorry to announce their decision to discontinue single color and 2W white LEDs. There is a considerable stock still available and I have purchased several hundreds at a lowered price which I am happy to pass on to all my customers. I have repriced all the LED lamps I have in stock. No mimimum quantity is required to place an order. However, if you order 10 or more the price is $10 each and for 30 or more the price is $8 each. It is OK to mix and match.

For more information or to place an order, contact us:

LED Designer MR16 Spot Lamp Specifications*
Color Wavelength Linewidth Diameter Illuminance Price
Amber 590 nm 14 nm 16 cm 242 lux $12
White - - 19 cm 353 lux $15
* Specified beam diameters and illuminance levels are for
4 degree spotlamps at a distance of 1.8 meters.

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