Commercial Displays

California Center Windows
The Display Windows
at the California Center

In addressing display venues ranging from corporate lobbies and storefront windows to museum exhibits and nightclubs - we offer a number of different holographic display devices of our own design. All our displays require a 110V power source or (optional) a 12V, 3-6V supply.

The optimum lighting for our images is tracklighting: 12V, MR-16 50W-75W fixtures positioned so as to provide plumb, 45 degrees downward illumination at a distance greater than 48" but less lan 84". Do it yourself kits are available from most home improvement stores starting at under $50.

Cable Lighting
Cable Lighting in a Home

Display Stand in a gallery setting
STANDOUT on a Counter

To address the sometimes hostile lighting conditions present in retail spaces, tradeshow floors and storefront windows - we have designed a display stand we call STANDOUT that features a small 12V halogen fixture and an overhead mirror that serves to protect the image from unwanted overhead light. The display stand can accomodate positioning at different heights (such as podiums, desktops or countertops) ranging in height from 24" to 60".

Laser Reflections make excellent table tops (pictured), counter tops and bar tops - anywhere an overhead spot light can be aimed squarely at the image. Where there are safety concerns regarding breakage (to include their use as floor tiles) we recommend covering the glass plate with a second pane for protection (acrylic, Plexiglas, etc..)

Holographic Table Top
Holographic Table Top

LED     Timesharing Display Case

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