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Alternatively, we offer our studio services to individuals (to include non-holographers) wishing to publish images of their own composition and choosing - but not wishing to involve themselves technically. For a fee beginning at $1,500, we will produce masters from customer-supplied subject matter brought to our studio. The customer can select the images they wish us to transfer - we will then supply reflection copies (with the option of frames and lighting/display fixtures) at our wholesale price.
Either of the aforementioned provides artists and publishers with an affordable entry-level means of gaining access to our studio imaging technology and the new field of high-definition holography.

New Directions

Just as it is nearly impossible to be a computer artist and not be at least somewhat software literate - so it’s an uphill battle to operate a holography studio and not be at least somewhat adept with lasers and optics. I do not mean to imply that a knowledge of diffraction theory is a pre-requisite to creating good holographic images – in fact I would argue that until display holography transcends the domain of laser jocks and table jockeys – the technique will remain a classic underachiever. I sometimes get the feeling that certain veteran holographers resent the fact that the public doesn’t appreciate the effort that goes into their work - that if the viewing public knew of the trials and tribulations they’ve been through that they’d somehow appreciate their work much in the manner of Tibetan sand sculpture. The truth is holography (the way we do it) is not technically difficult - on par I would say with studio photography during the early part of the last century.

Convinced that a new approach (and some new blood) will benefit holography (unencumbered by the ghosts of holography past) we are planning a conference to be held in Las Vegas during calendar 2008. Bernadette and I will organize the event and we will be inviting many leading edge studio holographers, professionals from fine art, commercial graphic art, advertising and display as well as members of the technical imaging and laser communities. The goal of the conference will be to establish new directions within holography based on input from the visual arts community as well as to lay out the framework for much needed research.

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