Embossed Holograms

To address lower cost, higher volume markets including gift cards, premiums and decorative covers (for event programs, CD/DVD packaging, etc) we offer custom embossed holograms in format sizes: 5" x 7" and 8" x 10".

These are the ubiquitous embossed holograms you're familiar with - but with a unique Laser Reflections twist: the images are of live subjects and show an impressive degree of detail even when viewed in less than ideal light. As with all printed products - embossed holograms must be produced in large volume to offset the substantial set-up and tooling costs.

The two images shown are samples of 5" x 7" greeting cards (postcard stock). We offer them for sale in lots of ten (individually or mixed) for $25 per pack plus $3.50 shipping.

Picture of Iguana
Size: 5"x7"
Price: $25 (Pack of Ten)
Picture of Eagle
Golden Eagle
Size: 5"x7"
Price: $25 (Pack of Ten)

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